Sébastien's ResEdit chrome Jobs

Last update: July 2001

On this plain basic page you can find some little hacks I have made with ResEdit. Because I don't want to waste cpu cycle with instruction you have to be ResEdit literate. The main reason for this lack of help is that english is not my language... I read and talk english but didn't write very well as you can see. Otherwise if you want help in french or to correct my grammar just email me at geologue@yahoo.com.

Même si je dis que je ne veux pas donner d'explications en anglais parce que je ne l'écrit pas, et bien je n'en donne pas beaucoup plus en français! Je sais que c'est malhonnète de ma part, mais voyez-vous cela ne m'empèchera pas de dormir... ;-) Pour tout commentaire ou pour avoir des informations supplémentaires contactez-moi à geologue@yahoo.com.

Seb's cursor have been updated again, it now replace more than 100 cursors. This extension put colored cursors into ResEdit and a bunch of others apps, the complete list is in the Read Me. Work up to Mac OS 9.1 without a glitch!

sebcurso.hqx - Seb's Cursors (Version 1.3.1 updated).

ResEdit Cursors

Partial preview only!

A new icons set of charge bars and use-o-meter for the battery control strip module of your iBook or PowerBook.

sebsbars.hqx - Seb's Charge Bars (Version 1.0).

Charge bars and use-o-meter

Preview of that stuff

A throbber for Internet Explorer 5.0, Mozilla, Netscape 4.x, Netscape 6 & iCab featuring the ResEdit Joker! This throbber may look slightly different on each browser due to the way each browser handles throbbers differently.

throbber.hqx - The ResEdit Throbber (Version 1.0).

Resedit throbber preview

This is better than a spinning "e"!

That text clipping file describe a bunch of ResEdit template types. The text come from an old Desk Accessory without copyright or author. In the form of a text clipping it is more usable.

tmpltype.hqx - ResEdit TMPL types (Version 1.0).

tmpl types

An old Desk Accessory born again!

This is a modified version of the Iomega control strip module (ICSM). This one can launch usefull applications instead of the Iomega bunch of apps. You can do more, expand this one and add as many application you want it to launch.All the instructions are included.

sebrlcsm.hqx - Seb's ResEdit Launcher (Version 1.0 English and French).

ResEdit Launcher

This control strip is not ready to use, you have to add the ICSM engine into it. That step is necessary because we cannot distribute modified version of a copyrighted software. To initialyse it copy the "sdev" resources from the ICSM and paste it into the ResEdit Launcher. Any version of the ICSM should work, I didn't test every version but the most recents work well. Copy the ResEdit launcher into the "control strip module folder" and you are ready to use it.

This is a set of TMPL, ICON, and icl4 resources for ResEdit. It will help to edit the extension additional information text that you find into the Extensions Manager. This is an easy one since it's just a plain TEXT template, but you got the bonus icons!

cci_tmpl.hqx - Extensions Manager information TMPL (Version 1.0).


A new icon inside ResEdit

A new set of icons for the Forker extension. This new concept use the ResEdit plugins style. Long live ResEdit! (I know Forker is not a plugin, but the way it is working made it look like a plugin...)

sebforke.hqx - Seb's Forker icons (Version 1.0).


Blood, blood and more blood!

Here is a new set of pictures to upgrade the WIND editors. What you get for the same price: 1) Cools mini windows, the regular ones are only black and white and not really acurate, they didn't have a minimize widget. 2) A color Apple menu! 3) An amazing grey PICT square. 4) A real tool bar that look 90's not 60's! 5) The tool bar got his own minimize widget and a younger look! Replace the old pictures with this packs and get 3D-like mini-windows in shades of gray.

sebswind.hqx - Seb's Colors WIND! (Version 1.2).

News windows

That's a DITL editor I am not ashamed to use!

When Apple does something they do it right. This is probably the reason why my old Apple Scanner is still working after 12 years of good services. Even the software is bugfree and runs on a G3 and system 8.6. With this 3 seconds hack you are going to get a full color toolbar and some nice icons around on your desktop. With this facelift it will probably last another 12 years...

sebscank.hqx - Seb's AppleScan color Kit! (Version 1.1).


A toolbar in color on a 13 years old application!

Another splashscreen for Netscape Navigator. This time it is the Netscape Muhvigator!

Muhvigat.hqx - Netscape Muhvigator! (Version 1.0).


What all that look like (half size).

I have been the first one on Resexcellence and then the copycats came after (And generaly they have better taste for colors..). But for now and until I update it, there is the definitive collection of my icons for Resedit pickers.

sebresed.hqx - Icons for the Resedit picker (Version 1.3).

Previews of the Resedit picker before and after the change. The standard view appears boring once you have seen the new pickers!

Boring viewSee the life in colors!

Clik to see at full size.

Also included is a set of Resedit icons for the finder. There are some little additions to do on the Resedit bundle if you want all the news icons to appear correctly.

Resedit icons!

Resedit icons in full glory!

Improved picture for the Iomega control strip module. Get rid of that big butt ugly yellow strip and this unstandard module icon!!

sebiomeg.hqx - Seb's colors icons for the Iomega CSM (Version 1.0).


What all that look like.